Memorial Weekend

Hi all. I posted one picture of my kiddo on Instagram this weekend during our getaway but deleted it later because I’m committing to updating those interested through my blog, exclusively. As I’ve gotten older I’ve been posting less and less on social media. Or maybe it’s because I became a parent. If people really care they’ll look for what they want, right? I dig deep if I have questions! I kind of enjoy that from time to time. In fact…

This is a side note from the intention of my post but worth writing about in my opinion. So Lincoln gets an invite to a 4th birthday party from a classmate at school. The invite is provided by his teacher and the RSVP is addressed to “Mom.” I RSVP to “Mom” and this is the extent of our conversation:

So I send the first text to not only RSVP but I had an assumption I would get some dialog, at the very least an introduction, in return. By the time stamp you can tell I took a little bit of time to respond back. I put some thought into an unnecessary response with the hopes my second attempt at getting a name would be successful. I failed. This exchange was enough for me to want to cancel my RSVP altogether, I’ll be honest. Texting has the potential to be impersonal enough. Not only did “Mom” barely respond, but to me what she was saying is that it wasn’t important that the COMPLETE STRANGERS you’ll be hosting in your home know each others names! It enraged me more than I expected but I sat on it. The party wasn’t for a few weeks at that time. Plus, for my kid I will put up with a lot if it will benefit him in the end. I posted on Facebook about the situation awhile later to see if I’d find any advice that I was comfortable with on how to get something as simple as a name. Most responses understood my frustration but suggested I try again or flat out ask for a name. It seemed as simple as that after hearing back from people but I still held back from trying again.

Cut to party day.

The party was annoyingly scheduled at Noon, which is nap time. It was on a Saturday so it makes more sense to me for it to be a late afternoon party, 2:00 would have been more appropriate. Anyway, I got Lincoln down early for his nap in the hopes we would only be a little late. He woke up at 12:30 so I messaged “Mom” to check in. They lived half an hour away. Maybe we wouldn’t even have to go! She responded with another 4 or 5 words that informed me we haven’t missed out on everything yet. A name was still not provided and I still did not ask. I thought, Fuck it! If this person is comfortable having a stranger in her home, lets see what happens!

We arrived after 1:00 and Lincoln ran straight to his schoolmates that were already playing at the bouncy house. He was greeted with a celebration by them and a group hug! My heart melted. “Mom” welcomed us by saying exactly that, “Welcome.” She then said food is over here and drinks are in the house. THAT’S IT. Still no introduction of who she was. No offer of a tour of the house so that I knew where the bathroom was. I didn’t even know there was a husband/dad present until we decided to explore inside the house and he offered an introduction (he was also the one to point us in the direction of the bathroom later.) It was insane. Luckily for me there was another schoolmates mom who sparked up friendly conversation with me which broke the ice and made my time, overall, more enjoyable. We stayed longer than I preferred because I felt it respectful since we were late. Most people had left so my husband and I moseyed near “Mom” and what appeared to be her best friend and best friends husband. There had been no interaction with her the entire 2 hours we were there. She never came over to mingle. And still, in this time where it was the five of us, no acknowledgment. It was so uncomfortable and unnecessarily awkward. It was not until I began to say my goodbyes that she offered we take home some cake or cupcakes but even then said there should be some in the house. Do you want me to take some in my hands home, I thought? It was the weirdest situation. Maybe the intention of the invite was an opportunity for more gifts? I’m not really sure but it was Lincoln’s first official birthday party and their property was beautiful. He had a blast. That’s all that matters in the end. I’d probably do it all again because it made him so happy. My husband and I were hopeful that it would work out to be potential parent friends for us but that will not be the case this time! Not my kind of people.

OH! I almost forgot what directed me to share this story hole in the first place!! Digging deep online.

That first day that I texted my RSVP and I was enraged by the rude texting etiquette I took a deep dive to find out her name on my own. It wasn’t hard really. Googling the phone number brought me to a name. So I looked up the address on the invite and googled that too. I found a similar name. So I looked up that name on Facebook to see if I could find a face. I was pretty sure it led me to the correct person so I put the name in my phone as the contact. It turned out to be the right name!

Okay back to our getaway over Memorial weekend.

We stayed at an Airbnb on Mason Lake. We went from Thursday until Monday with the intention we could really settle in and get in some good relaxation. We hadn’t been anywhere in…. a year? Well, we are the Grimmer’s after all so its only fitting that things turn out far worse than anticipated.

The weather was miserable. So cold and rainy. Even when the clouds left, the wind picked up blowing that cold breeze with force.

We shouldn’t have afforded to go. It was very expensive to rent but our hope for what it could be got the best of us. So we really budgeted while we were there regarding food knowing our own rent and childcare payments needed to be paid when we got back.

Because the weather was bad we were stuck inside more with a wild animal of a tiny human. That’s hard enough when were in the comfort of our home!

He woke up before 6am each day. He had a hard time sleeping at night so my husband and I took turns sleeping with him at whatever time he ended up crying for us in the middle of the night. Naps were short too although we got a pretty good break because of a nap on Saturday but that was only because he didn’t feel good!

Aside from one night I could not hold my eyes open past 10pm. The night of exception was 10:30. I was so wiped out.

The house had been vacant for weeks prior to our stay and the main house we shared the property with remained vacant while we were there which was nice. The negative of our rental being vacant for a lengthy period of time was that there were these weird bugs that graced us with their presence under the kitchen table. It was a bit upsetting at first because there were maybe 50 of them when we arrived. We didn’t know if this was going to be a huge issue or not but after we swept them up there were only a few each day after that.

Saturday was the day we decided to drive to Olympia, WA (less than an hour away) to go to the Hands On Children’s Museum. Well 20 or so minutes into the drive Lincoln got car sick and destroyed his outfit and wouldn’t stop crying. Poor thing around those lake roads. So I axed that idea and we thought we’d reschedule for the next day.

We needed food by Sunday morning and the weather was better so we decided to grab a bite about 15 (give or take) minutes away in Belfair, WA. This ended up being our best day! The drive was a bit tense in fear of car sickness but quick and had more of a coastal vibe than lake vibe. We enjoyed our food at The Hideaway. It was getting close to nap time but we wanted Lincoln to run around a bit and explore this little playground area we passed on the way to eat. The playground turned out to be of little interest to him but was apparently a very popular wetland trailhead. So we explored that area for awhile and I got some great pictures finally! On the way out we tried the playground again. There was another little one playing this time so we had more success. As we were leaving there was this strange man lurking around. Hooded and masked and drawing Xs in the pathway with his foot around the playground. He sat for a minute and I called the boys over to leave. I pointed the man out to my husband who told me after we got in the car that he watched him walk up to one of the signs with a map of the trail and put his finger to his lip and say “Ssshhh.” Nick gave the other family a heads up before we left and I saw them head straight to their car as well. Hopefully it was an exaggerated thought to be creeped out. With the school shooting in Ulvade just days before, the worst case scenario was at the forefront of my mind. I’m thankful I saw him at the end of our stay. I would have felt much more panicked if we were back in the wooded trails when I spotted him so I’m grateful it worked out the way it did.

We didn’t end up going to the Children’s Museum and left the next morning ready to get home and disappointed with our overall stay. Disappointed because of the weather, really. When we saw the weather report as the date got closer and it said mostly rain, we should have cancelled. We wanted to be in the water and by the firepit at night and BBQing. It turned out to resemble more closely to our everyday life. Obviously the weather was at its best as we drove away. Why wouldn’t it be? It’s the only logical way to cap off our trip! It certainly wont go down in history as one of our best trips, unfortunately. And we’ll be eating Top Ramen for a little bit as a result. Sometimes you want (and need) something so bad that you may not make the wisest decisions in order to make it happen. We’re not in control of the weather, obviously, so maybe it was good old fashioned bad luck? With all that in mind, we are blessed to be able to take a weekend getaway together as a family. I hope we can make another bad luck/poor decision getaway before another year goes by!

Despite the reality of the situation, Lincoln enjoyed his time at the lake and was always having fun. Even if it meant shivering in the water to pick on Mom!

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