What’s been happening?

Well, for one, the family has been sick with the flu. It hit the little one first and then 36 hours later hit my husband and I almost in sync.

Saturday was my husbands 46th birthday. I got up early with my son with the intention of letting him sleep in. Official wake up time was in the 5:00 hour but I had been up a couple hours prior with him and managed to get him to sleep a bit longer. By 11 pm he had gotten sick. I had just fallen asleep. He was up for the next hour(ish) continually getting sick. It was heartbreaking. I hate not being able to help. By that time he had no energy and just laid in bed continuing to get sick off and on for the rest of the night. My husband slept in my sons room from midnight until 3, or so, and I picked up the remaining time. When my son woke up in the morning, he was like a shiny new object (mostly) and I was wrecked from little to no sleep for 24 hours. By Monday afternoon I texted my husband (were both at work) that I’m not feeling well. He texted back that he’d already gotten sick 3 times. I have not had the flu in years! I can’t even remember the last time. So I was out of commission yesterday, I slept most of the day and nothing sounded good to eat. I am back at work today but I will say that I am still feeling under the weather. The gory part is over, which was awful, but it definitely kicked my tush! I pray you don’t get the flu this season but I think it’s going around with a force.

Despite feeling under the weather, we had tickets to go to the Oregon Zoo #Zoolights. We purchased the tickets months ago so I had to wrangle up the strength to go. It wasn’t that big of a deal because it was a drive thru night so it’s not like I was required to do much. We had never been even though we’ve lived in the area for 8 years and having a little one made the thought of it more exciting than in years passed. It was pretty quick, a half an hour at most, and not that impressive, to be honest. We were stuck behind a diesel truck which was just our luck. We brought snacks and had a good time regardless. Maybe it’s something we’ll try again on a walk thru night, maybe you get a better experience that way.

Now tomorrow is Thanksgiving so it’s been a little crazy to say the least. I enjoy Thanksgiving. It will be the 3 of us and we will cook the traditional and watch the Macys Day Parade and football and try not to drive one another crazy! The weather is supposed to be nice so hopefully we can get a walk in or something. I signed up to do this fundraiser for St. Jude’s Children Hospital. Jog 30 in November. I’ve raised a little money and jogged a bit but am way behind if I intend to reach 30 miles before the end of the month. I thought it would be easier for some reason! These last 5 days have not helped the situation. It’s voluntary so not like I can’t continue after November but I was hoping I’d be able to. Here’s the link in case you want to donate. I’ve been dedicating a mile to all those who have supported the cause.

We’ve already decorated for Christmas outside the house. My husband managed to get that done on Sunday despite sickness taking over the last hour of his birthday and little sleep. I will say, he is much better at sleeping than I. If there is a situation going on, my ears hear everything. On Saturdays, generally, is the boys morning so I can sleep in. Rarely do I sleep much. It is more likely that I will turn on the TV and have some time to myself before joining them and getting the day started. So when he was in the room with Lincoln Saturday night, I would frequently be reawakened when I heard spitting up versus Nick who slept hard knowing I was in there taking care of him during my turn. Anyway, the decorating got done outside so I will start on the inside decorating over the long weekend ahead. I was looking at past pictures of Nick’s birthday and I have often had the decorating done by now. I guess I’m behind? I don’t know. It feels like I head into each day cautious, like were in the green but there is a yellow streetlight ahead. I just hope we can proceed without it changing to red, you know? So if I’m behind then I’m behind. We’re getting there in the end and that’s all that matters. I’m not just talking about the decorating part, I’m talking about all the parts. By the end of the day Sunday, I asked my husband how we got all the things done that we needed to get done. We had to have been walking zombies. But we did it, we always do somehow!

Lincoln has been talking about his birthday party. He invited his teacher one day at pickup and I was like, what party are you talking about? I didn’t tell him he was going to have a birthday party so I’m not really sure why he started talking about it. I haven’t even been talking about his birthday at all, I don’t think. Possibly because it was his dads birthday coming up at the time and we’ve gone to multiple classmates birthdays this year? His birthday is in January. He’ll be turning 4. I wasn’t planning on throwing a party because we don’t have any friends, really, with kids his age. It would mostly be schoolmates. So now I have to plan a birthday party. The theme will be Charlie Brown, or Snoopy. That I was planning on already, when considering a home celebration with just us. I don’t want to host a party at my house because it’s small and it will be winter time. I’ve looked around, briefly, at places that host kids parties. There are some cool options out there but I’ll be dropping a pretty penny. Which is okay I guess. I’m actually glad he brought this up out of nowhere because scheduling is already filling up so I need to get on it. More to come on that but the point is, he will be getting a birthday party! His friends are, why shouldn’t he!

For those of you that celebrate, I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving tomorrow, no matter how you celebrate. We’ll do the traditional, as I stated, but by the end wonder why we went through all the trouble! (Then we’ll do it again next year)

Happy Thanksgiving and official kickoff to the Christmas season. Sending my love to you all. 🤍

🤘🏻 Katie


7 thoughts on “What’s been happening?

  1. Crystal,
    We’ve gone to Peacock Lane in the past too! Not with my son yet though so we may need to add that to the list this year. I have yet to do the Grotto. I always forget about it I think because its not as close to me as some of the other attractions.
    Lincoln is an Aquarius (which I sincerely hoped he wouldn’t be because I do not care for that song, HA). For his party, we decided on PlaydatePDX. it’s a multi-story play area. He’s going to have a blast but I did end up forking out some cash for it. It may be overkill but I certainly won’t regret it. The birthday parties we attended throughout the year were all outdoor and often at someone’s home but they hired performers or had multiple bouncy houses and ball pits. I may end up switching to celebrating his birthday in the summer with friends and having a small thing on his actual birthday. We’ll see.
    I hope you’re enjoying the Holidays so far!
    Thanks for reading the blog,


  2. Katie, I’m sorry to hear you all got the flu. I also had it this Fall for the first time in forever. It just wipes a person out. I have never been to Zoo Lights either, and I’ve lived here since 2007. Funny huh? I’ve gone to Peacock Lane several times and both walked it and drove through. Walking is best. I’ve also been to The Grotto, which is also pretty cool and there is no option to drive. Happy birthday to your Capricorn! My birthday is in January too. If you’re still looking for a place to go, my Hood to Coast team has met multiple times in the party room at Round Table pizza, which was not fancy, but totally free, and I do not recall any requirement that we had to buy. A couple members of our group got salads or drinks or a personal pizza, and I guess that was good enough.

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