Don’t Hate Me

Today I wanted to share with you 5 light-hearted things about me that go against the majority (God forbid). These 5 things are things I could care less about or haven’t seen/tried yet, etc. These 5 things, if you referenced social media as your guideline for the masses anyway, would probably get me cancelled!

  1. I don’t care about Taylor Swift’s music! Now, hear me out. I respect the genius of her career and find her very talented. This directly relates to the music. I don’t know any of the lyrics to the songs. I think most of it sounds the same. I find it kind of boring overall whereas most seem to be so inspired and moved! Maybe I’m not listening hard enough? Also, yes, I checked out the latest album, whatever it is called. I’m bringing this up after seeing the Billboard Chart record she broke this week. Truly amazing! But I pass…
  2. I’ve never had Pho. But I want to!
  3. You won’t see me wasting my time, energy or money on any fictional, action packed, sci-fi type or cinematic universe movies. i.e. the Star Wars franchise, the Marvel franchise or Superhero anything. I don’t say such a bold statement without giving it a shot. I’ve watched some of each and unfortunately am unable to feel anything other than boredom.
  4. I haven’t watched Hamilton and truly feel ashamed for admitting that. This must change immediately! If you want to cancel me over this one, I completely understand!
  5. I DO NOT drink PSLs (Pumpkin Spice Lattes) in the fall. And while I’m at it, it doesn’t matter what time of year, I also do not drink White Claws or any hard seltzers for that matter. With that in mind, it’s odd that I don’t enjoy these very popular beverages because I like pumpkin flavor (have you tried Jamba Juices Pumpkin smoothie? Yum) and I also like carbonated beverages, alcohol or not. This one’s a true mystery!

Well there you have it! Now you know 5 things about me that rebels against popular opinion. Shocking considering I would consider myself far from a rebel in most cases.

Happy November! I’m starting my “Jog 30 for St. Jude” this evening. I hope you’ll follow along with that journey and donate if you can.

Katie 🤘🏻