Random Thoughts

I was supposed to go into work today as a full time employee for the first time in three years. Looks like that won’t be happening until next week. Well, the going in part anyway. Want to take a guess as to why?


My husband tested positive over the holiday weekend after being exposed by a coworker who’s pregnant wife had it. I’m negative and feeling fine. So is my son but we are still required to quarantine.

Over 2 years later since this damn pandemic started and we (humans) are too stupid to figure out how to protect one another long enough to nip this in the bud.

So now I’m sitting here wondering how I should best spend my unplanned, unpaid free time. You always want extra time with family or extra time to just do whatever it is you want to do. This situation is not that, though. I can’t just go out and about. I need to live respectfully of others.

So that’s why I’m writing, without a true intention which is unlike my usual posts. I’ll start here.

I watched Stranger Things. Why did I think it was the series finale? I won’t ruin anything but it is definitely not over! I was happy with how it ended. It’s odd I’m even into that show. It is the only sci fi type show that I watch. I started in over Halloween one year and it just stuck.

I spoke with my friend of nearly 20 years on the phone the other night. He’s on the East coast and we talked for like 3 hours. I was up until WAY past my bedtime but it was worth it. We haven’t caught up in months. He usually does most of the talking. I feel like I have a boring life on a daily basis but when you connect with someone after that long and start to replay the very few things that have happened it really puts it into perspective! HA. He’s a great story teller and I do not consider myself the same. So as a result I guess I’m not able to glamorize the mundane as well as he and he ends up talking more. He’s had quite the devastating past year. It wasn’t the time to share it with him but he has greatly faltered as a friend to me during that time as well. It’s complicated because I’m in the know about some of his situation. I learned the other night that there was a lot I also didn’t know. And knowing what I know helps me from being completely selfish and saying to him, “You Suck!” Learning more kind of reignited the point of my own feelings. But that time will come and I’m confident we’ll work through it. That’s how we’ve stayed friends for so many years! I’m grateful to have him in my life. He is one of the most important people to me. It was nice to touch base again.

I’ve had this poinsettia since the holidays sitting on my kitchen table. It was still in the red foil packaging and flourishing. My intention has been to pot it but the months have gone by quickly. Actually, my real intention was to toss it after the holidays once it died but that never happened so I decided to give it a proper home. Last weekend I finally got around to finding a pot for it as well as a spot where it will live. The kitchen table isn’t the ideal place for it and I’ve tolerated the amount of space it consumes long enough. I placed it in this new area, still in its original packaging, to “try it on” so to speak. My plan was to officially transfer it this 4th of July weekend when I had some more time. Can you guess what very quickly happened that prevented me from transferring it? Maybe not so shocking for plant enthusiasts, it started to wilt. It appears to be over watered which I have never done before. It seemed to take on an endless amount before. This new spot has less light but it’s still bright (ish). Plants used to be the easiest thing for me to take care of. I had I believe 11, in a prior home. My current home does not get enough light. I have 3 plants now. Two I’ve recently decided to attempt after researching low maintenance plants, and the third is the poinsettia. So I’ve set it outside in the sun in hopes of drying the soil before its too late. We’ll see what happens. Go figure, the second I switch up anything I’m doomed. I don’t know that I’ve ever been able to recover a dying plant once it starts dying. I may have lost my green thumb but I still enjoy it. I’m going to hold onto hope that its not ACTUALLY me, its my dimly lit home. It would be a shame to have put all this effort into this poinsettia and it not work out.

June 19th 🙂
Today 🙁

A girlfriend of mine recently talked about getting botox 💉. It was news that actually made me think, “What? Were at that age now, huh?” Here comes another not so shocking guess what happened next? Do I need it too? I’ve been struggling to accept the frown lines that have appeared next to my mouth. Maybe I don’t have to accept them. People my age apparently get botox! So now I’m spiraling. I need to find a trusty anti-aging skincare routine because it’s never too early to start one but there is definitely a time where it’s too late, you know what I mean? 👵

Also, what about collagen? Is it just a fad? It’s everywhere and isn’t it also age related? You lose skin elasticity over time and it helps with that I think? Maybe that’s a whole other thing.

I used to take Gingko Biloba regularly because I have the worst memory 🧠. I had a pretty sharp memory while I was pregnant but it’s otherwise shameful. I found my old vitamins! I don’t know why I stopped taking them, maybe I just slowly forgot to. They are VERY expired but I Googled it and I can still take them. They loose potency but don’t spoil. With ageing on the mind, I don’t want that to get any worse than it already is.

My kids first bad word was “Shut Up.” I learned that recently! Not the worst one out there to have as his first, right?! I’m trying to get it under control quickly because I have a preschool reputation to build and I don’t want it to be a bad one. It’s possible (and likely) he learned that from Nick or I but honestly, I don’t think we say that very much. I say the “F word” FAR more often. I say a lot of bad words more often than “Shut Up.” Recently we were watching Home Alone (because he’s my kid so of course wants to watch Christmas movies any time of the year) and he pointed out when one of the sisters, or cousins, said “Shut Up Kevin.” The lightbulb 💡 went off. That’s where he learned it! And I’m sticking to it. Lets hope he doesn’t start teaching it to all his schoolmates though.

I’m Pro Choice. Not debatable.

I want stricter gun laws. I do not own a gun but can respect responsible gun ownership.

I used to play The Sims a lot. It’s a PC game in case you haven’t heard of it. It’s very time consuming and I would play it years ago when I obviously had more time to waste than I do now. I’m not a big videogame person overall. I saw Sonic is coming back (maybe Sonic never left?) but that brought me a good feeling from when I was really young. I didn’t have the console at my house where I could play often but someone in the neighborhood had it and I remember it being really fun, and hard. I liked Mario and always will. The only other videogame that I became engrossed in besides The Sims was GTA5. It was so addicting and frustrating because it was also hard. Anyway, maybe I’ll spend some time this week playing The Sims although I should probably read something. That sounds like it would be a healthier choice however my current options are a bunch of old dirty mysteries I got for free by Nora Roberts or the Will Smith biography. Nora Roberts is always a good read. I was excited for the Will Smith book when I got it but then the slap happened and now I’m not sure how I feel about him so that one will stay on the shelf for now.

That is all for today’s random thoughts!

I’m hoping I (and my son) can remain COVID free in the coming days so life can resume. Wish us luck! 🤞🏻

💛 Katie