Welcome September

Can you believe we’ve reached Month 9 of 2022?

Wishing you all the best as summer fades away and fall begins to creep back into our lives. We get the pleasure of enjoying ALL the seasons here as residents of the PNW but won’t see the glorious changes of our surroundings for another month or so. In the interim, I appreciate seeing school supplies highlighted in every store and life settling back into a routine. As much as I prefer no time constraints and quality time spent with the people I love most in this world, there’s something safe and comforting about the redundancy fall inevitably brings.

Soak this first day of September in. The last quarter of the year. The end of one chapter and start of a new, if you will.

XOXO, Katie 💛

P.S. I know SO many people with September (and October) birthdays so Happy Birthday to all the Virgo’s ♍️ and Libra’s ♎️ in my life!